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Air Stream Dry Sack Pump

The Air Stream is our big-volume sleeping mattress pump, it's based on our 20L Ultra-Sil® Nano Dry Sack, with added valve plug and foot loop. The 20 liter Air Stream can be inflated with a single breath. Two to three cycles from the Air Stream are enough to fill Sea to Summit sleeping mats, so you're ready to go quickly, with minimal breath condensation in your mat or dizziness from blowing the mat up. The Air Stream can be used as a 20L dry sack or ultralight pack liner.

1.7 oz/48g
Recommended Use
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  • Inflates Sea to Summit sleeping mats in only two or three compressions
  • can also be connected to the valve of a Sea to Summit Self Inflating Mat for top-up air (without introducing moisture into the mat)
  • Ideal as a dry storage option inside your backpack for clothing or a sleeping bag
  • Oval base design
  • Fully seam sealed with sealable valve plug
  • Made from lightweight 15D UltraSil®