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Comfort Deluxe SI Mat

The Comfort Deluxe series has been designed to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding camping customer. These oversized models with 4 inches of plush thickness give you space to sprawl. This is the mattress for the ultimate night's sleep when car camping, canoeing or on extended base camp sojourns where the slight weight penalty isn't an issue.

  • Utilizes Delta Core technology, This removes 40% of the foam horizontally which significantly reduces weight, increases comfort, and reduces the packed size. . Click here to learn about Delta Core-V.
  • Multi-function, patent-pending valve twists over to allow the mat to be rolled tightly without fighting re-inflation as you go. Click here to learn about the Multi-Function Valve
  • At 4 inches thick and an equivalent R-Value of 5.2 Click here to learn about R-Values, the Comfort Plus Mat is ideal for comfort-oriented three-season campers. Click here to learn which R-Value is right for you.
  • Luxurious 30D knitted polyester fabric is soft and warm to the touch.

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Air Sprung Cells – Small point-weld divided air chambers which individually absorb pressure and conform to the contours and movement of your body without affecting adjacent cells. The result is a mattress that supports you better than one with ‘tubes’ or ‘baffles’.
Liquid-Extruded TPU Lamination Process – An advanced lamination process which ensures an even and durable bond of the TPU (material which makes up the air bladder) to the face fabric. This process is superior to typical ‘roll-to-roll’ lamination and virtually eliminates the risk of delamination.
Multi-Function Valves – Patent-pending, low-profile multi-function valve allows for easy, fast inflation and deflation and enables the user to precisely fine tune the firmness of the mat-tress.